Mood: Exhausted

Are you at all like me, up late every night, tired every morning? I am a night owl for sure I can’t switch off, my thoughts and feelings often keep me awake until 1-2am and with an alarm set for 7am every morning that really takes its toll! I’m generally been kept busy all day and I can function relatively fine, there’s always a lull around 2pm and perhaps a nap when I get home from work but apart from that I can make my dysfunctional and unhealthy routine work.

It’s the little things that help, the right attire and beauty products can give you life. Check out my essentials for a day you could have used a few extra hours! 



Charlotte Tilburys Magic Creme facial moisturiser is ideal after a restless night! Its unique combination of ingredients helps collagen production and boost cell energy, bringing a tired complexion back to life!

YSLs Touche Eclat is perfect for disguising dark circles and giving your skin radiance
White eyeliner works wonders, using it on your lower lash line gives your eye a fuller and brighter appearance! try Eye Hohl by Mac in the shade facsinating.





I like to keep things soft when I’m sleepy, because the little things always annoy me when i haven’t had 8 hours try pairing a thin light weight t-shirt with a pair of TopShops Leigh jeans, they are super soft and light weight.




These TopShop cut out slippers are ideal when you want something comfortable but chic!


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CHIC M-O is a fashion and style blog, dedicated to all things Chic!

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