3 fashion reasons we are excited​ for winter

Let me start off by saying I don’t know who “we” are but it made the title sound better, let’s go with it. 

I’m not a huge winter fan honestly, I hate dark nights and dark mornings, I hate going out when it’s freezing cold, it’s just not my vibe. But all things considered the winter does give us a lot of opportunities to get into outfit and looks that just aren’t appropriate for summer, so here’s 3 fashionable reasons to look forward to winter.

1 Fur: An obvious choice but a classic! The best part of winter is by far incorporating fur into our wardrobes again, in many different ways, hats, scarfs, trim, and of course coats. For me and hopefully you too it’s got to be faux but the chicness is real! 


2. Oversized Jumpers: The oversized trend didnt let up this year, it really has held its own season to season, thats why im exicted to get back into some ridicolously oversized jumpers and kick back.


3. All black everything: Honestly, i’ve been wearing all black all year round, and probably always will, but it’s the perfect time of year to feel more comfortable in a all black outfit.


Author: chic-mo

CHIC M-O is a fashion and style blog, dedicated to all things Chic!

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