Forever in our screenshots, Kendall Jenners Instagram.

At first, I didn’t believe it, I was in denial, I opened the Instagram app and typed in KendallJenner, searched, nothing. I rushed to Kylie Jenners Instagram to find a picture she had been tagged in, found one, clicked it, user….not found. The reality set in, there was no escaping it, Kendall Jenner, had deleted her Instagram account.

I’ll always be rooting for Kendall Jenner, we are the same age, I’ve related to her in many ways, and I’ve watched her for years on the hit E! series Keeping Up With The Kardashians,  she’s the supermodel of my generation, because I’ve followed her career so closely I honestly was not surprised when she deleted her Instagram account, she takes her career as a model very seriously, and has always kept distance between her career as a model and the reality TV world that she came from, she’s been smart about it, she’s never denounced her Keeping Up heritage but she’s definitely kept her distance from the Kardashian Brand and its social media empire, unlike younger Sister Kylie who definitely has more of a “Kim” approach to her career, you never see Kendall supplying her Instagram followers with discount codes or product promos, or anything that might label her an “Instagram Model”.

Over the course of her relatively short but wildly successful career in the modeling world, the reality star status and large social media following have clearly worked both for and against Jenner, even though people constantly credit her success to it. I always try and think of it like this, Kris Jenner could lead you to Karl Lagerfeld, but she can’t make him personally photograph you for a Fendi campagin. Another example of the social media drawback is when Jenner landed Vogue USAs cover for the September issue, one of the biggest honors vogue could extend to a model, and both she and the magazine received a lot of backlash for the cover, some fans of the publication argued that she was only chosen for her huge social media following (which was partially true as the issues article on Jenner focused on her and her generation and the huge role social media plays in their lives) and not her enormous accomplishments in the modeling world.

all things considered, I am not in the slightest surprised that Kendall decided to say goodbye to the Social Media platform and let her work speak for its self, a decision that just goes to show her dedication to her career and the fashion world, there are not many things that could make someone walk away from over 70 million followers, but Integrity is definitely one of them.

take a look back and enjoy Kendall’s finest Instagram moments below, screenshotted, but never forgotten.



Author: chic-mo

CHIC M-O is a fashion and style blog, dedicated to all things Chic!

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